Techno tracking Solution is a WELL-KNOWN name in the GPS industry of West Bengal as well as India and numbers of satisfied clients can vouch for that. We have changed the standard of GPS equipments in India almost singularly and our improvements are never done. We always bring the latest equipments to our clients and offer those at really cheap rate. We never compromise on the quality factor and that has made us unique for our clients.

Techno tracking Solution is under the leadership of Nilanjana Biswas and she has earned recognition and in both personal and professional arena. Few years ago, she founded the company and she gave the entire security and surveillance to the organization named ANS IT INDIA . Taking a positive stride towards the same, Techno tracking Solution was elevated to cater to higher & more responsive and reliable GPS data and location services and thus a grander GPS company was born.

We have the largest stock of GPS products waiting for our clients. We have never used tricky sales technique to maximise our sales or profit. We happily will help our customers with valid advices so they can take the best buying decision. Our stock of products is simply unmatched by our competitors. Each of these products. Have been thoroughly tested and not only adhere to the international standards but also tested vigorously for Indian road conditions. The products are tested again at our end so once they are installed they never fail once they are installed. Our products are tested on roads instead of laboratories which means they are ready for the Indian road conditions.

Techno tracking Solution takes pride in being the most sought after GPS tracker provider in West Bengal & India and that has stemmed from the quality products we provide at very low costs. If you are looking for a GPS solution which will come with assured quality and will give you the exact location as well, along with other data needed, then Techno tracking Solution is where you should come. You will have total control on the whereabouts of your cars and fleets and also will be able to prosper financially by running your business better.

  • GPS tracker basic
  • GPS tracker advance
  • GPS tracker advance with RFID
  • GPS tracker advance with fuel sensor
  • GPS tracker advance with temperature sensor
  • Advance feature fleet management software